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AlgaHealth is an Israeli biotech company pioneering the development of smart, cost-effective applications of microalgae for production of nutraceuticals.  It is our mission is to become a global leader in sustainable, green production of high-quality nutraceuticals from microalgae.  

Recently, AlgaHealth developed novel proprietary microalgae strains and innovative patent-protected solutions for stable and sustainable manufacture of Fucoxanthin – a high-value multifunctional nutraceutical that has numerous health benefits for treatment and prevention of metabolic syndromes and other chronic medical afflictions 


The Need


Fucoxanthin is a leading carotenoid. Scientific and clinical studies show that Fucoxanthin, a pigment derived from algae, is important for preventing metabolic syndrome. 99% of the current Fucoxanthin production is from macro-algae (seaweeds).

Fucoxanthin is known for its biological properties and used in functional food, food supplements and cosmetics. Studies indicate that Fucoxanthin has anti-obesity, anti-tumor, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular protective effects.

Fucoxanthin is used in cosmetics as an anti-aging, anti-viral and skin brightening agent.

Fucoxanthin: Pivotal for Good Health

The estimated global market of caratanoids in 2018 is $3.98 Billion at CAGR of 5.4%. The potential market of fucoxanthinis much higher but the use of fucoxanthin is limited as it is extracted mostly from seaweed (macroalgae).

Fucoxanthin is not available at the desired quantities, supply is seasonal and uncertain, the concentration of fucoxanthin is low (~0.05%), production is time-consuming and costly, quality is low and non-uniform.
There is need for regular, unlimited supply of uniform, high-quality fucoxanthin, not dependent on environmental risks.
AlgaHealth addresses this need.

Fuxocanthin products available in the market


AlgaHealth is developing a novel technology for extracting Fucoxanthin from proprietary strains of microalgae.
AlgaHealth grows its strains of microalgae in a fully controlled environment applying proprietary cultivation processes for manipulating the physiology of microalgae, thereby significantly increasing its growth rate and the production of Fucoxanthin.

A highly concentrated (3%) and high quality product with no contaminants is obtained. Supply is not limited and can be expanded according to market needs.
Intellectual property is protected by patent and grower rights applications.
A by-product of AlgaHealth’ technology is a novel polysaccharide, with wide potential use in cosmetics.

Tarritech has experience in the chemistry of essential oils and their biological effect as a decay control agent


AlgaHealth was founded in 2017 and since then has demonstrated feasibility and developed three product prototypes: a dry powder, an oleoresin extracted without the presence of organic solvents, and an oleoresin extracted in ethanol. Each of the products is designed for a different market.

AlgaHealth operates an R&D laboratory and pilot production plant in Ein Shemer and is about to set up an industrial production plant.

AlgaHealth plans to start full-scale production and sales in 2022, after expanding its production capabilities to a full industrial scale, completing regulatory proceedings in major target markets and developing its marketing and sales infrastructure.

Management Team

Emma Kvitnitsky

CEO Eran Itzkovitch

20 years’ experience in executive roles and project management including innovation, business development, customer relations, and global operations; A veteran of Israel’s defense and energy sectors and former CEO of Abundance Ltd – the largest microalgae facility in Europe and the Middle East

Hagay Tzur

Hagay Tzur

Founder and senior consultant with over thirty years of management experience. Prior to founding AlgaHealth Hagay served for eight years as CEO of Algatechnologies , which he turned from a losing enterprise into a world global in the microalgae industry, with an exit of dozens of millions of USD. He is a mentor and advisor to many companies in microalgae cultivation and research

Nissim Konforty is an experienced business executive in the field of Fertilizers & Plant Protection.

CTO/CSO Oran Ayalon, Ph.D

CTO with over twenty years of experience in biotech R&D and marketing management positions in, extensive experience with microalgae, including as VP for R&D of leading microalgae companies Algatechnologies and Algalo Industries. Oran holds a PhD in biology and chemistryfrom the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel and an MBA from Bar-Ilan University.


April 2018

A pilot plant started operation in Ein-Shemer

December 2018

Three prototype products demonstrate feasibility.

November 2019

AlgaHealth completes phase 1 of EU project and prepares for phase 2.

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